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How Parents Can Block Certain Websites from Children

How safe is Orkut for my children? Are my kids sharing personal contact information with strangers whom they meet on the Internet? Can I block orkut and other websites like Facebook and Myspace on the home computer.

View Firefox Passwords in Plain Text

Unhide Password is a simple Firefox extension that reveals all passwords by displaying them in plain text instead of the normal asterisks.

Never Forget Anything with list.it

list.it, or the Latitudinal Information Scrap Trapper that Indexes Things, is a small, simple note-keeping Firefox extension designed by MIT researchers to help you manage the tons of little information bits you need to keep track of each day.

Find and Replace for Firefox

Find-and-Replace is an invaluable feature that most text-editors provide. Unfortunately while using Firefox for editing tasks, there is no such native alternative.

Firefox Plugins Can Help Conserve Power

Researchers at SecTheory have come up with an interesting observation - they say that Firefox plug-ins like NoScript and Adblock Plus help in conserving power.

Speed Dial for Firefox

Fast Dial is a Firefox Extension which converts your start page to an Opera Speed Dial like 3×3 grid of web links.

The Websites You Visit Can Reveal Your Gender

If you know the full name of a person, you can determine gender using any image search engine but in cases where you have no clue about the name but have access to his or her computer, this tool may help.

Google Chrome Features that we miss in other Web Browsers

Now that you have Google Chrome installed on your desktop, let’s look at some of the unique features that are only available in Google Web Browser are you’re seriously going to miss them in other popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Apple Safari or Opera.