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BBC Questions Ethics among Bloggers

Rory Cellan-Jones of BBC writes: I met a company which boasted of employing what they called a “digital marketing consultant” to hang out in the blogosphere spreading the word about their company.

Michael Arlington of TechCrunch = Walter Winchell of Silicon Valley

Am not sure why Foruture executive editor Josh Quittner refers to Michael Arrington as Arlington but it’s a good read: "Sites that started out as tiny operations – titles like ReadWrite Web, Mashable, GigaOm, and Silicon Alley Insider – have staffed up and are turning into small businesses.

How to Get Links from Bloggers

Scoble has a good suggestion for companies who want bloggers to talk about their products – Send bloggers interesting stories — especially about other people.

Advertising Program for Tech Blogs from IDG – AdSense Alternative

IDG, the company famous for publishing technology magazines like Macworld and PC World, has launched an advertising network for technology bloggers. I highly recommend signing up as these programs generally yield higher returns than Google AdSense because you get to specify your own prices.

How to Read Blog Articles Written Only By Your Favorite Bloggers

TechCrunch, BoingBoing, Mashable, AllThingsD, etc. are some of the best technology blogs on the planet written by an army of writers who keep churning out new stories at an amazing pace. How do you read stuff written only by your favorite bloggers?

How AdSense Click Fraud Happens in India

Pick any newspaper and you will see an ad that says – Earn money from Google AdSense working from home. They even show scans of Google AdSense cheques as proof.

John Chow – A Million Dollar Blogger at

Blogging for Dollars – John Chow at is among the few bloggers who have touched that magic million dollar revenue from blogs alone. Surprisingly he is not on Google for his own name – John Chow.