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Most Popular Blogger in China – Xu Jinglei

The blog written by Chinese Actor Xu Jinglei is not just the most popular blog in China but it could well the most popular blog in the world, it receives even more visitors than Perez Hilton.

Blogging Jobs: Bloggers Looking for Blog Writing Jobs

There are plenty of blogging related jobs available in India – search any job site like Monster, Naukri or Times Jobs and you’ll see a flood of postings requiring full-time or part-time bloggers.

Don’t Rely on Traffic from Search Engines, Write Premium Content

Usability guru Jakob Nielson is not in favor of writing content for search traffic: If you’re an expert who wants to live from adding to the world’s knowledge, you must go beyond the mainstream Web model of single page visits driven by search traffic.

What Kind of Money Do Bloggers Make ?

The hard-working Paula Neal Mooney has compiled a new list of Blogger salaries detailing the annual blog earnings of various bloggers from across the globe.