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How to Write a Successful Blog

Know what it takes to be successful in the world of blogging. Here are tips and advice from bloggers that will help take your blog to the next level.

How Does WordPress Make Money?

WordPress is open-source and free. How can Automattic make money if they are giving away WordPress for free?

Link to the Original Articles in your RSS Feeds

It is not uncommon to find websites that republish RSS feeds of other blogs without permission. Why they do this is anyone's guess but as a content owner, this is something to worry about especially when you publish full feeds.

How to Create a Lifestream with Google Reader

Let's say you have blogs on Twitter, Flickr, delicious, YouTube and other social sites. Learn how you can aggregate everything into a single lifestream that anyone can subscribe to.

Real Life Case Studies of the Blogging Industry – PDF Book

PDF book - Boom and Bust in the Blogosphere looks at successful blogs like TechCrunch, Gawker, Robert Scoble, BoingBoing or Darren Rowse and also analyzes blogs like PVR Wire, Blognation and Know More Media that were popular at one time but no longer exist on the Internet.

Advice for Group Blogs – Hire an Editor

Paul Boutin, who writes for Wired and the gadget blog at NYT, has some useful advice for group blogs (multiple authors contributing to one or more blogs): Hire someone to handle all images for posts, so your writers can focus on writing.

Blogging Do’s & Don’ts

This presentation includes tips on how to write a successful blog. Some of the main points include: Schedule – Don’t disappoint readers Thick Skin – Cannot please everyone Never Flame / Avoid Personal Attacks Avoid Spelling / Typos Intelligent Formatting – Most People Will Scan, Not Read Think and Write to Avoid Embarrassment Later Never Blog When Angry – It Reflects Anything Posted Online is Undeletable Wrote a killer post ?

Lifehacker, Gizmodo Blogs Now Available Under Creative Commons

All content published on Gawker blogs like Gizmodo, Lifehacker, etc. is now available under a Attribution Non-Commercial Creative Commons license meaning you are free to use (or republish) articles from these blogs with attribution and without a commercial interest.

The Issue with Language Translation Plugins

Language Translation plug-ins rely on the online Google Translate service to fetch a translated copy of your blog pages. The results are stored in the MySQL database (or as static HTML files) and the plug-in then serves these cached results to your site visitors from other countries.

Indibloggies – the Indian Blog Awards

Indibloggies is an annual blog-award website targeted at Indian Blogs and was started as a parody clique on the Bloggies. The site slogan says that it showcases the best of the Indian blogosphere.

This Printed Newspaper Is Made of Blogs Only

Unlike traditional newspapers that hire journalists to report news, The Printed Blog newspaper only republishes content and photographs from blogs with permission from the actual authors.

Pictures & Presentations from the Blog Conference

It was a busy weekend as we had a blog conference here for aspiring bloggers as well as expert bloggers or people who already have blogs but want to take it to the next level both in terms of traffic and monetization.