If that large follower base (count of people following you) on Twitter gives you a high, here’s a tool that might break your heart, a little bit at least.

twitter spammersMost of these Twitter users are @spam

Called TwitBlock, the tool will scan profiles of everyone who follows you on Twitter and it will then prepare a list of Twitter accounts that may be fake or have been created with the sole purpose of spamming Twitter.

The tools doesn’t require you password but since it uses Twitter’s OAuth to initiate the scanning process, you can’t use TwitBlock to determine spammers that be following another Twitter user.

For my Twitter account, the tool flagged some 354 accounts (or about 6%) – a lot of these accounts are spam for sure but there are some real people (human beings) and legitimate bots in the list as well so be a little careful before you block any user. Here’s the full spam report generated by TwitBlock.

For more tools like these, check The Twitter Guide.

Hat tip: Prem Kumar Aparanji (via FB)

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